We offer a service unique on Provo:  a dedicated personal chef to prepare your meals in the comfort of your own villa, home or condo.  Please find below some menu options and be sure to let us know about any allergies or food preferences so we can customize the experience to your family or group.

Prices are dependent on the size of your group and the selections you make, we are happy to put together a quote for you.  Being on an island means we have to plan ahead to ensure availability, therefore we need to have your menus planned before you arrive on island.  

For a group of 6 people, as a guideline, you can choose from a sit-down, plated option or the bbq options.  For a plated dinner, we suggest a pre-selected choice of 2-3 canapés, 1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 dessert.  Some items are seasonal (Lobster season is Aug 1-April 1) and may be dependent on your desired location, we are happy to suggest alternatives.  Please let us know if you have any special requests (vegetarian, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate you.  If you would prefer to have more than one app/main/dessert, please select no more than two of each and then we would need the final count 10 days out (ie. 3 conch chowder/3 Caesar salad and 4 grouper/2 steak).  For the bbq option, please select one of our menus or create a customized one.

Menu Selections:

Canapés: (passed before dinner) ($3 each/$15 per person) –please select up to 3 varieties

  • Sushi rolls (yellow fin tuna and/or vegetarian) (6 person order min)
  • Vegetarian spring rolls  (6 person order min)
  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • Homemade sausage rolls with spicy mustard
  • Conch wontons (Conch mousse wrapped in wonton skins fried golden brown with a side of sweet chili sauce) (6-person order min)
  • Shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce
  • Conch fingers with a homemade tartar sauce
  • Tomato and mozzarella skewers with fresh basil
  • Guacamole & tortilla chips
  • Salsa & tortilla chips
  • Conch fritters with a spicy dipping sauce


  • Conch chowder or Jalapeno soup  $11
  • Coffee rubbed tuna  $14
    Yellowfin tuna seared rare and sliced paper thin in an Asian marinade served with a garnish salad and pickled ginger
  • Princess conch and mushroom crepes $14
    With roasted red pepper pesto and cream sauce
  • Pear & blue cheese salad   $12
    Island fresh greens with toasted walnuts, pears, blue cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette
  • Bacon-wrapped sea scallops $20
    Served on a smoked tomato and spinach puff pastry tart
  • Caesar salad  $11
    Shaved Parmesan cheese on romaine lettuce with our own Caesar dressing
  • Conch wontons  $13.50
    Streaked with Hoisin and served with sweet chili dipping sauce (4 order minimum)
  • Vegetable spring rolls  $12
    Served on baby arugula with oven dried tomatoes (4 order minimum)


  • Vegetable tart  $29.50
    Roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini and eggplant on puff pastry filled with ratatouille, topped with melted brie
  • Seared yellow fin tuna  $38
    With a lemon and caper beurre noisette
  • Pecan crusted conch  $32
    With a spicy orange sauce, mixed vegetables and roasted potatoes
  • Fresh blackened snapper   $36
    Topped with a skewer of sweet chili shrimp and a coconut curry sauce
  • Jerk lamb chops  $43
    Served with peppercorn sauce, potato gratin and mixed vegetables
  • Almond and herb crusted grouper  $35
    Served on a mandarin, sweet chili, crispy noodle salad
  • Oven roasted chicken  $29.50
    With garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables and a white wine jus
  • Coconut crusted snapper   $36
    Topped with roasted pineapple salsa and a light saffron sauce
  • Grilled tenderloin of beef  $45
    With mustard mash, sautéed vegetables, salsa verde and a red wine jus
  • Grilled lobster with drawn garlic butter (in season August 15th-April 1st) $43
    With mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables


  • Crème brulée     $10
    A rich custard topped with caramelized sugar
  • Key lime pie $10
    Traditional graham cracker crust filled with key lime custard topped with a mango coulis
  • Flourless chocolate torte  $10
    Served with vanilla ice cream
  • Warm banana tart    $10
    Served with butterscotch sauce and rum & raisin ice cream

Kids: ($15)

  • Pizza (cheese, cheese and ham, vegetable)
  • Pasta (plain, tomato sauce or alfredo) with Parmesan cheese
  • Chicken fingers
  • Fish fingers
  • Peanut and butter sandwiches
  • Grilled chicken
  • 4 oz beef tenderloin ($10 supplement)
  • 6oz burger
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Mashed potatoes

BBQ Catering Options (for groups of 6 or more)
Turks Head BBQ: ($50 per person)

Passed with cocktails:

  • Conch fritters (dependent on location/need power)

Served from grill by chef:

  • Grilled prime rib of beef
  • Grilled catch of the day
  • Jerked chicken (spicy)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Potato salad
  • Caesar salad
  • Mango salsa
  • Tomato salsa
  • Freshly baked herb bread
  • Key lime pie with fresh fruit brochette

Island BBQ: ($55 per person)

Passed with cocktails:

  • Chicken satay and peanut sauce
  • Conch fritters (dependent on location/need power)

Served from grill by chef:

  • Jerked chicken (spicy) or Thai style chicken (sweet) (Please choose one type)
  • BBQ shrimp wrapped with hickory smoked bacon
  • Pork spareribs with smoky BBQ sauce
  • Caesar salad
  • House salad with basil vinaigrette
  • Curried pasta & pineapple salad
  • Island style peas and rice
  • Mango salsa
  • Tomato salsa
  • Freshly baked herb bread
  • Key lime pie

Meat Lovers BBQ: ($65 per person)

Passed with cocktails:

  • Yellow fin tuna rolls with wasabi and pickled ginger
  • Chicken satay and peanut sauce

Served from grill by chef:

  • Black Angus hamburgers
  • Sirloin steak or prime rib
  • Jamaican pork chops
  • Corn on the cob
  • Potato salad
  • Tomato & mozzarella salad
  • Island style peas and rice
  • Mango salsa
  • Tomato salsa
  • Freshly baked herb bread
  • Fresh fruit brochette
  • Rum and chocolate baked bananas

Seafood BBQ: ($65 per person)

Passed with cocktails:

  • Conch wontons with hoisin sauce (dependent on location/need power)
  • Shrimp cocktail with a horseradish cocktail sauce

Served from grill by chef:

  • Grilled catch of the day (seasoned with lemon pepper)
  • Grilled chili shrimp
  • Grilled lobster with lemon garlic butter (If lobster is not in season Apr 15th– Aug 1st, we will substitute this with Prime rib)
  • Grilled vegetable skewers
  • Potato salad
  • Caesar salad
  • Tomato & mozzarella salad
  • Mango salsa
  • Tomato salsa
  • Freshly baked herb bread
  • Rum and chocolate baked bananas

Bar options:  Please ask us for our current wine/champagne menu if you would like to pre-select some wine for your meal. 

 All caterings will have 12% government tax, 15% service charge (gratuity for staff) and 15% catering fee (for transporting food, etc. off site) added to the food/bar bill.


  • Quick staff estimate: (for up to a three-hour event/prices may change depending upon menu, venue, etc.)
  • 2 guests: 1 chef =$250
  • 3-8 guests: 1 chef/1 server =$375